Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy is Our Roadmap to Help Change the World Through the Power of Audio

As the number one audio company in the U.S. and the country’s largest broadcast radio company, the most important responsibility we have is to the communities we serve. iHeartMedia is committed to creating an internal culture that cultivates and celebrates diversity and inclusion at every level of our company to ensure that we fully reflect the diversity of the many audiences and communities in which we live and work. iHeartMedia is also dedicated to inspiring and creating positive change that improves the lives of others, and to using our broad reach and multiple platforms to help solve pressing issues facing our planet.

As part of iHeart’s ongoing commitment to transparency for our corporate social responsibility performance, we publish an annual ESG Approach and Performance Report covering our environmental, social, and governance impact. As new programs are initiated and progress is made, we make every effort to communicate these details in real time through a consistently updated report.

Additionally, for the last ten years we have reported annually on our deep and positive impact within our communities. iHeartMedia’s Annual Impact Report provides a snapshot of the contributions made by our employees and 860+ broadcast radio stations over the course of the year, highlighting our support for our communities and our deep ongoing relationships with our listeners across America, as well as serving as a way to communicate with our stakeholders—our stockholders, employees, advertisers, listeners, and others.

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